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Segment I
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Automobile Test:
  • The fee for the automobile road test is $50.00. There must be a $20.00 deposit ($40.00 if you are renting a vehicle) in order to confirm ALL automobile road test appointments. The remaining $30.00 balance must be paid at the time of the appointment. Sorry, cash, check or money order only accepted.
  • There will be NO refund of deposit for failures due to:
    • Faulty (non legible information on documents) or missing documents; i.e., medical certificates/waivers, level 1 license, TIP (Temporary Instruction Permit), “Order of Action” (from court), Segment 2 certificate, vehicle registration/insurance, etc..
    • Defective equipment or *being late for or not attending original appointment.
  • There will be NO refund of full payment due to:
    • driver performance during the automobile Road Skills Test
  • ALL schedule changes MUST be made at least 48 hours prior to the original appointment. If an applicant cancels in less than 48 hours the deposit will NOT be refunded or transferable.
  • Applicant must bring a vehicle equipped with seats and seat belts for the driver, their parent or legal guardian, and the examiner. Bring a “road-worthy” vehicle. The following is a general list of equipment that cannot be damaged, inoperative or missing:
    • Brakes• Exhaust system (muffler)
    • Horn• Lug nuts (missing or broken)
    • Mirrors (rear view or outside left)• Safety belts.
    • Speedometer (must work)• Springs
    • Tires• Washers
    • Windshield (cracked or damaged)• Wipers
    • Lights (low beam head light, tail light, all brake lights (including center brake light, turn signals)
  • Car rentals are available at the rate of $35.00 per test.
  • Applicant must bring: Vehicle registration and proof of insurance. If you are 18 or over a valid TIP (which is at least 30 days from date of issuance or had 30 days waived) and “Order of Action”, if applicable or if you are under 18, a Level 1 license (which is at least 180 days from date of issuance) and segment 2 certificate, and/or appropriate driver education certificate into the office at the time of appointment is to be administrated. All numbers on the license must be totally legible or the test cannot be administrated. All drivers under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian accompanying them. The student must be ticket and at fault accident free for the last 90 days.
  • Applicants are advised to study the test requirements in the Road Skills Test Study Guide.
  • All retests are $40.00 for failing Road Skills Test (if taken within 30 days) & $20.00 for faulty or missing documents or equipment.

To Sign Up:
Please call to setup an appointment at 231-759-2311.
You can print out the required contract Here.
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