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Segment II:
    To Sign Up for Mosley's Driving & Testing Center Segment Two Classes:
Please pick the start date at the bottom of this page after reading the Michigan (GDL) requirements below.

Michigan Driver Education Segment Two:
Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) requires drivers under age 18 to complete two segments of driver education.

Segment Two includes:
Six hours of classroom instruction.
Driver education instructors may also provide some on-the-road driving instruction, although it is not required.

To enroll in a Segment Two driver education course, the teen must have:
Completed a Segment One driver education course at least 90 days prior to enrolling in Segment Two.
Obtained a Level 1 License.
Completed at least 30 of the mandatory 50 hours of parent teen driving, which includes 2 of the 10 hours of nighttime driving.

When the teen completes Segment Two, a white Michigan Department of Education Segment Two Certificate of Completion will be issued by the driver education instructor.

Level 2 License: A teen will advance from a Level 1 License to a Level 2 License, provided all of the mandatory requirements, including a road skills test, have been met. Teens must complete both Segment One and Segment Two of the driver education course to qualify for a Level 2 License. Teens cannot have a moving violation resulting in a conviction or civil infraction determination, or been involved in an at-fault crash during the 90-day period immediately preceding application. The Level 2 License requires the teen to be photographed.

To obtain a Level 2 License, after receiving a Segment Two Certificate of Completion:
The teen and a parent or legal guardian must go to a Secretary of State branch office and present:
Proof the teen is at least 16 years old. (The Level 1 License is acceptable proof.)
The skills test certificate, verifying the teen has passed a road skills test given by a third-party tester approved by 18 the Secretary of State.
Proof that they have had a Level 1 License for a minimum of 180 days. If the Level 1 License is lost, please refer to page 26 for information about replacing it.
The white Michigan Department of Education Segment Two Certificate of Completion.
A log book or other records documenting the teenís 50 hours of supervised driving with a licensed parent, legal guardian, or designated adult age 21 or older. Graduated Driver Licensing requires 10 of the 50 hours of supervised driving to be completed at night.

A Level 2 License allows teens to drive unsupervised except between midnight and 5 a.m., when a licensed parent, legal guardian, or designated adult age 21 or older must accompany them. Teens who must drive between midnight and 5 a.m. because of work are not required to have an adult with them. They should be able to provide proof they are traveling directly to or from work.
    Segment Two Sign Up:
Click a beginning class date below and print out, read, and sign the Segment Two Contract. Return the Segment Two Contract along with complete payment to:
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